The empty house saga ends in a day! These scenes will remain etched in my mind.

The Chair aka Wormtongue

I’ve spent many hours on this chair. Staring. Staring at my computer, my daughter, the empty space. Painful .. it was painful. I’ve never felt as limb as I did when I sat on this chair. Every time I got up from the chair – a rush of blood to my head .. I sat back down dizzy. It hurt. I’m throwing it out tomorrow. It’s over .. I’ll never let you back into my house. You were my Wormtongue.

photo (79)

The $50 fugly twin mattress

We needed an extra mattress for dad. The neighbor was returning you to the store. So you sneaked in. I’m watching you. You’ve been helpful beyond just being a good surface for my dad to sleep on. You’ve been a good lower back support for my husband and I as we sat through our 1 am and 2 am meetings with the US. We may / may not find a place for you in the new home. Just being up front here.

photo (85)

The small desktop monitor to help keep my girl occupied (worst audio ever!)

Again .. you were meant to head straight to the new office. You’ll walk your a$$ straight to the office yourself if you saw what was arriving. So pls do yourself a favor and disappear by tonight!

photo (89)

The bedding, the quilt and the bed of night terrors

43 sleepless nights. Most of them with dad, mom and grandma huddled up waiting for the next scream or cry. It’s over. We won’t be needing your services. The beds arrive. Thank you for the few hours of rest you managed to give us despite all the cries. Sleep training begins with the new beds. For all of us I think. Besides .. you look too dainty to handle all the wine that will be sitting around the new bed.

photo (84)

Goodbye half empty open plastic bags of spices, coffee and everything else!

You will beg to be emptied out into the beautiful spice jars and storage containers that arrive tomorrow. Really. No more ants. No more open bags of anything.

photo (81)

Hey girl .. you were the one reason I loved coming into the kitchen – we’ll make you even more useful and gorgeous pantry lady! We can’t live without you … who cares about the small space we’ll make you feel loved for all that you feed us everyday.

photo (83)

Dear garden, you’ll be busier than ever. We’ll sooo want to sit around and enjoy you. You were one of the few things that made my daughter happy in this house. Keep the snails, bugs and flowers coming. Please. We love you. Dear yummy curry leaves … I can’t wait to start cooking. My other blog and our stomachs have been empty or suffering from ulcers having bumped up our spice levels from mild to blazing hot.

photo (80)

Dear neighbor’s kid who throws your bread, empty old boxes of grocery, roti and yogurt rice from your window 2 floors above – we’ll be spending way more time in our garden. Rest assured, I’m coming up to whoop your you know what!

photo (88)


Maybe this is it. Maybe this isn’t. I kept telling myself a full house will help my daughter recover from the stress of the move. (Who am i kidding .. will help me recover from the move!). I really hope this is it.

8 responses to “The empty house saga ends in a day! These scenes will remain etched in my mind.

  1. This could very well be it. When I made a big move out of home (from Bangalore to Goa for me) I felt a similar sense of being wrenched out of a comfort zone and into a bare shell of an apartment, no furniture, mattresses on the floor and a sparse kitchen. It was worse because we couldnt afford to quickly do up the house and make it warm and homely. but over time, with every little thing we added to our home, I filled that void and Goa is more home than Bangalore has ever been to me.
    I hope you find the same peace 🙂

  2. Thanks hAAthi 🙂 It’s funny how all these thoughts help you make sense of this feeling but logic doesn’t always keep you from slipping back into that gut wrenching yucky feeling. I am excited about what’s coming in at 11 am tomorrow though. One step at a time finding peace here!

  3. Thanks GShankar! 🙂 Therapy I tell myself. Therapy! While there’s tons of writing out there on the logistics of such a move to India, there’s not a lot on the emotional turmoil and the day to day life during the transition. I started writing this as a diary .. hoping to look back someday and cherish this or simply be ready to pack my bags up again and hoist the white flag on my way back to CA 🙂 We’ll see in a couple of years I suppose! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Giribala
      Thanks for stopping by. Far from settled down well! and still in search of home 🙂 moving saga continues

  4. i haven’t quite understood this post. is it the mixed emotions one goes through when he or she moves to a new place? found it quite engrossing nonetheless. lovely narration!

    • Thank you. Have you caught up with the rest of the blog? 🙂 I just moved in to a new place 6 weeks ago .. barely returned from California and been waiting on my shipping container since my arrival here. I’ve lived in 2 empty homes since everything shipped and officially done with stop gap objects in my life. I ended up spending way too much time with them than I should have. And I’m officially personifying them and throwing them out of my life as of today. Hence the post. And thanks for being such a cheerleader for me on IndiVine .. I could get used to it you know! 🙂

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