Dear Bangalore,

I’ve been too busy moping and self absorbed to notice how glorious you are. To be honest I wasn’t so crazy about the sun. There’s something about the sun here .. it’s not the warm, gooey, sweaty sunny Chennai kind of sun. It’s dry and it hits you hard with no humidity to ease you on the skin. Ahem! Yes I did say ease you on the skin, I’m sure my Chennai friends are cursing me right about now! With the monsoon now, I’m loving every bit of you though, Bangalore. EVERY LITTLE BIT. Every drop of rain, the smell of the earth .. and all the other cliches typically thrown into monsoon descriptions. I used to despise the Portland weather and the annoying rain there. This is not like that. The rain here is pleasant, fun. Well for one it’s not so cold that I’ll get frozen if I step in the rain like in Portland. Everytime it rains, I feel like Madhavan and Shalini are going to pop up in front of me with their yellow cloth .. I imagine that wonderful Alaipayuthe movie scene! Something so romantic, so lazy, so cozy, so warm about your rain. And even when it’s not raining, the after effects of the rain linger for days at a stretch. Suddenly the annoying traffic isn’t so annoying anymore. Suddenly, there seems to be so much to see at each traffic signal. You can tell that my head feels a lot clearer too. Things are slowly settling back. Well I haven’t been to the hospital in a week for one … that’s progress isn’t it? I just feel like I’m alive again … seeing and observing things I never used to. Suddenly you look so beautiful to me. Where have I been these 4 months! Lost, I suppose. I’ll get better as the months go by – I promise. For now … here’s a quick look at the things that I managed to capture. There were so many other things that caught my eye, but I was too engrossed observing that I forgot to rudely take my phone out and mess with the moment with a click! Here’s saying thank you .. for being as wonderful as you are!

at the intersection of 100ft road and CMH road!

Terracotta love at the intersection of 100ft road and CMH road!

Two simple lovely street views – right at the intersection of 100 ft and CMH – an artist at work. Sun or rain – this guy’s always there. This is the first time I paid attention though.

I find it so much more therapeutic to shop a day after a downpour than under the sun. Bangles in Commercial street. I bought 4 dozens for $8 aka 400Rs. Seriously!!!!! Well for the Indian folk that are going to chide me for paying so much … they charged me 800 and I got them for 400. My haggling skills certainly need some sharpening but I was more than happy to get them for 8 bucks. šŸ˜‰

OK now the METRO!!!! If you haven’t taken a ride on the metro yet in Bangalore … well .. I gotta say you’re missing something. Though it’s only 4 stops long it’s absolutely stunning. Especially given the rains, I felt like I was in a train in Munich in October/Nov or something!!! Wonderfully pleasant outside, with a light chill, light rain and rain drenched views of the city! No the city didn’t look dirty at all for some reason. šŸ™‚ The trains and the stations are clean and neat. And they look really well planned! My little girl, my nephew, pretty P and I looooooved the 45 min ride, stopped regularly posed at different parts of the stations when not inside the train. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE the Bangalore metro. I only hope it’s as clean and efficient when the entire system falls in place and there’s a zillion people in there! GULP! (probably not!)

Here are two more places you’ll love, with or without kids. The UB City mall. I’ve mentioned this before. But I can’t seem to get enough of it. Watching your kids dance in the rain, with the colorful fountains on is like double bonanza for everyone! The kids love all the water from up, down and everywhere .. and you can sip on some awesome coffee or herbal tea while nibbling on Cafe Noir’s warm goooey quiches. Just the kind of thing you need in the rain!

The Someshvara temple seems so inviting a day after the rains as well. Your feet are not burning as you go around the temple. My little girl prances around there like a little pony everytime we go. She loves the open spaces, and the stories mommy makes up about Nandi and Parvathi. (Well ya I’m making this stuff up coz I’m not telling her slaughterhouse stories of Ganesha and Shiva .. umm .. no I’m not!)

Just by the side of the temple there’s a small market – Ulsoor market! Pretty scarves, silly cheap school bags for kids and lovely cheap printed cloth (I’ve been ODing on projects at home, I can’t seem to have enough scraps of fabric! This is an awesome place for that – a meter for 50 rupees ($1)! I held myself back and stopped at 10!

Then there was the Karnataka State Fair. I remember a bunch of people insisting I shouldn’t go there and that it was for the ‘poor’. This class bug seems to have bitten everyone .. I’m determined to break it. Pretty P picked a date and we all went together – daddy and little A, myself and our lovely nanny pretty P. It was every bit awesome. I pigged on random cheap things, little A pigged out on cotton candy and her bounce house rides, while daddy A patiently indulged us! Unfortunately this is one time the rain wasn’t welcome. It totally messed up our trade fair party and we had to leave in 2 hours. We could have stayed there for another 3 easily!!! Loved it.

I had to throw in the photo from the older post here as well. Just soak in that lazy rain I say!!

Last but not least I wanted to leave you with MAMI ON BIKE!!!! Clad in a lovely blue saree on one of those ruggedy rowdy bikes, sat a mami who looked exactly like Usha Uthup I must say .. posing for Puravankara’s advertisement!! Fun Fun Fun. We are being wonderfully progressive in some ways these days I must say! The traffic in Bangalore indeed is not as annoying anymore … there’s so much to see everywhere. I love it!

12 responses to “Bangalore

  1. Dude…namma bengaluruuu…. šŸ™‚ bough smile on my face. The temple and ulsoor market was my play-yard as a kid…me I’nagar girl Yo! Grandparents house used to be in old Ulsoor..if you are not extremely picky about where you eat, do try the hot bhajjis in the Ulsoor market, the sweet shop at the beginning of the ulsoor market has the best milk cake and dry jamuns (YUM!!). Now let me go prep for some hot bhajis myself….

    • hahaaa!!! Loved that comment Divya šŸ™‚ Sooooo glad to be pinged by locals. Just had another B’lore friend in TX just message me and tell me how much she misses it. This place does grow on you. I’ll give myself another 5 – 6 months and then brave the road side bhajjis šŸ˜‰ still a little sensitive with the road side food. Stomach’s not strong enough yet but will get there soon.

      • I miss b’lore so much. You know how pity full california rains are …i miss the rains. The only place i enjoyed rains in the US was when i struck in Iowa airport.
        Agreed, you will need some time to get to the roadside bhajjis…heck i myself did not try during my India trip past Dec. But try the dharshini’s….the dosa are out of this world.

  2. Bangalore is lovely in rains. That is if you are not stuck in a traffic jam or walking alongside non-existant pavements amidst the slush and rushing vehicles. I remember the Nanda talkies road, which used to be heavenly after rains. And then there are areas like Malleswaram, Basavangudi and Jayanagar which ooze the charm in a very Bangalore way. I think it all has to do with the trees.
    Rains remind me of my CET counselling. It was in Sep, and Bangalore was like on a natural cooler. It was so plesant and beautiful that I was already dreaming of settling down here.
    I think it is the rains that bring out the best feelings for Bangalore in me. But I’m sad that garden city is slowly losing its green cover šŸ˜¦

    • I hear a lot of natives complain about that regularly. I can totally understand. I often feel that way about Chennai myself. But I am so thrilled to see 3 parks in every neighborhood šŸ™‚ despite all the madness that prevails in the center of this city that I’m totally enjoying this. Moving from the burbs of California to here is not half as bad for my little girl mainly because we keep her evenings stuffed with park time! šŸ˜‰

  3. I have longed to live in b’lore, I have visited this place when I was studying 3rd standard! Its was that time I went to a church which was very old and the street that leads to church was arched with big trees and the rays of sun passing through the branches and giving you a bit warmth was something splendid feel I had… the amount of artifacts that this city and the houses in the streets makes me to feel as it s a planned city.. though things go haywire through people coming from various places, but still its a city of my dream šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  4. Can’t agree more, I have been here 3.5 months, and love the weather.. it is such hot cooca -hot soup – blanket – book weather. The poor folks back home in Chennai need ac to sleep.. ha ha ! and the rain does make everything everything more bearable. Last evening I was almost hanging out of the bus, with one lady’s giant hand bag being painfully thrust at my hip, and holding me head at an odd angle to escape the frizzy hair of another from going into my nose… and then it started to rain… šŸ™‚

  5. More details on the Trade fair pls! Chitra Kala Parishat has some lovely fairs/exhibitions too. And will we get to see those craft projects ? (I love crafts and DIY (and craft and DIY websites even more!), though am not too good at it.)

    • Hey KA
      Sorry faced response almost a month later šŸ™‚ The trade fair was a Karnataka State Fair thingy. I would have totally not known about it had it not been for my nanny. I will definitely try the CKP fairs too. Sounds totally like my kind of thing. As for the craft projects – I should upload them at some point. I’m so behind on everything now as work ramps up! I’ve tried so many dishes too lately .. and am always making it so quickly in the short time that little A gives me in the evenings that I almost always forget to take pics during the process. I feel bad just posting end results!! I should get better at this. Soon šŸ™‚

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