Relatively speaking

Since hierarchies, random relationships and people are all the rage in my life now, it’s only appropriate that I reblog this lovely piece by my little cousin. 4 of us, we returned back to India. The flock! Migrated back a few months apart from each other this past year. R2I issues, though different for each, weighing down on most of us and getting us all up and blogging apparently. So well written. And funny too.

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The Bhar Code

The first thing to know about any Indian relationship is that the two people in it matter the least. I initially meant relationship to be romantic of course, but I guess it can be stretched to any relationship. That is because Indian relations, by and large, are not made, they are passed on.

Say hello to Cheenu Mama.

Can you sing a song for Meera Paati?

Do not fight with Balu Anna!

Of course, I don’t have a mama called Cheenu. Mrs Meera is not my paati and I don’t know a Balu anna. But that doesn’t matter. Any middle aged, usually rotund and jovial man who you come across as a kid becomes your mama (Curiously, he never becomes your chitappa or your perippa – perhaps a tip of the patriarchal hat to the mother, who has to adopt the said man as her brother…

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