A weekend at the village

Every day in my life has kind of gotten unpredictable, adventurous, scary sometimes, fun and exciting some others. We took the adventurous route this past weekend. My folks live in the village, an hour from Chennai. They moved there when I left Chennai to go to Pittsburgh for grad school. A decade later I’m trying hard to reconcile with the fact that the world I grew up in, including the apartment we owned is no longer around. I’ve been in denial long enough. It was time to get in to the new world my parents had embraced and enjoy it through their eyes. My little girl is at her best every time we visit this village. It has this magically calming effect on her. It’s like she’s at peace with herself, in her element! Like thatha (grandpa) like pethi (granddaughter). This is what the 4 day holiday looked like.

I’m so jealous at how peaceful she is when she goes to the village. I wish I could find that peace too. I was getting smoked up in the TamilNadu heat and pissed off because the phone lines were all dug up messing up the internet connection. I went internet free for 4 days and it almost got me killed! 🙂 But I’d do this over and over again if I had to, just to see my little girl dance, sing, pray and play with all those little girls and boys from the village. Maybe I’ll come to terms with their move to the village in a completely different way than I’d imagined.

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