7 things I love about this place

No really!!! There are things I do love about this place. 🙂 Or should I say learning to love about this place. Someone wrote on a website somewhere ‘before you decide to move to India, ask yourself if it’s arranged, love, or live-in relationship?!’ I don’t remember where I saw it. Mine’s clearly arranged. I will learn to love and will make this marriage last forever like most Indians do. So here’s a first positive happy post dedicated to the promise of this new arranged marriage.

photo (71)

Sip on a cup of coffee roadside while viewing ads on the tree nearby (website design $60) No really!! We were just wondering if we can get a freelancer to help us with the website design – just then! some super cheap source!! And there it was in front of us.

photo (72)

Delhi carrots!! Awesome sweet. And look how long each one is!! Gorgeous.

photo (73)

Pesto!! I found pesto!! That one green bottle in the bottom shelf 4 row from the right. Really. I was so worried I wouldn’t find pine nuts to make pesto at home for my girl. I found the whole thing.

photo (74)

Cousins, aunts and uncles that visit few times a week. Little one pretending to be a horse making my cousin run behind her!! Grandma looking on. Fun times!!

photo (75)

Grocery stores that deliver in less than 30 mins with no delivery charge and no minimum order. No milk – make a call! No yogurt – make a call!!

photo (76)

Bounce houses every 5 streets! 1 hour – $2!!!! Seriously!!!!

photo (77)

Grandparents. Need I say more!!

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