Money can’t buy me love?!

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How do I pacify an angry, upset, confused, aggressive 2.5 yr old?!? She’s so mad at us she doesn’t want too much to do with her mum & dad. Thank god for grandmoms and granddads. We have tried … tried hard to talk to her, to explain to her (reason usually works with my daughter after a while) about the move. We’ve tried to distract her with the 25 kids she plays with everyday in our own little apartment park. We’ve setup a small set of things from her old home … to help bring back a few familiar elements. What more?!?

I decided to go on a spending spree. 3 hours $300 … (which I thought was pretty cheap by the way unlike most material things here) … I bought her a nice big swing, a cute slide with a basketball hoop and other fun things on the it’s side for the yard, tons of other toys she didn’t have and a gorgeous blue bike that she could ride with her neighbor friends. I release them one a day with a whole surprise routine. She’s loooooving it. We still have tons of play doh, doctor sets, balls to go that are unopened. She’s loving the initial set I’ve bought her. She now surprises everyone with something everyday … replaying the surprise routine. She thinks its a game! She runs over to some random thing on the floor picks it up and says “I have a surprise for you, close your eyes mom”. At least we have something in common to talk about now.

She didn’t cave in with her first gift. It has taken a surprise routine every day for her to realize this is fun. She doesn’t ask or expect a surprise. I pull each one out at random times during the day when she least expects it or is looking a little down. I didn’t given her one today and she wasn’t demanding it. So the gifts themselves haven’t yet become a habit. The concept of a surprise has!! That was one unexpected outcome of this routine.

The other thing I did after much advice from my mum – was to ignore her for a bit, let her be … stop trying so hard in other words. It worked wonders!! She’s been all over me this past day or two. She still gets angry if I leave home during the day to get some chores done. She says before she goes to sleep “don’t go anywhere”. So I try to keep my chores to when she sleeps in the afternoon or plays with her friends. That still buys me 4 hours at least to step out.

Things are far from normal … but at least she’s talking to us now and creating a few fun memories together with us everyday. Well – in this case, money was one of things that did help buy me some love.

Useful links:

  • Sapphire toys – awesome awesome toy store – thanks to my sis in law, I discovered this treasure. The quality of toys here are anything but close to those in the US. But they’re pretty decent than most other stores in the area. There are a ton of local baby boutiques with German, Italian, Japanese made toys – especially in Indiranagar. But they are expensive and most of them don’t carry play yards or big swings or slides for your yard. And for $300 bucks, the entire set of things I bought at Sapphire were a bargain for good quality stuff.

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