The Flight to hell!


I’m in Bangalore. I’ve arrived. Not sure where yet, but arrived nevertheless. Cathay Pacific 879 and 6710 .. will be remembered. My daughter is usually an awesome traveler. Flies really well. Between the iPad, Play Doh, stickers and pens she’s pretty occupied. No issues sleeping usually. And while food is always an issue, plenty of milk helps us handle that issue. This time was different. I was scared weeks before I left for some random reason. She either picked up on the fear, was too excited, was too afraid, upset – whatever it was … she decided to show us in colors we’ve never seen before …. EVER!! She had what I would call – a meltdown. A horrific bloody meltdown.

She was awake for 13 of the 15 hours she was on the flight from SF to HKG. Lost it as we got off the HKG airport and decided to run. She just ran. She ran away from us, past the immigration and security on her way out of the HKG airport. I had 5 bags on me, my husband ran after her with his backpack behind him. But it was too late – the immigration lines were clogged and my husband unlike my 2.5 year old couldn’t get past the lines by simply ducking his head and going below each line. I was in shock, paralyzed. Didn’t move. Stayed rooted to the ground. Didn’t move!!!! My husband begged and pleaded the security officers to let him through and they realized she was running. Thank goodness for the officer who cornered her. She realized she was lost and came running back crying “DADAA MAMAA”. The nightmare didn’t stop there. She was on the floor 2 secs later screaming “Dont touch me, go away”! We’ve never seen anything like it in our life. NEVER EVER. Right in the middle of the HKG airport was my little happy angel – who was always smiling, laughing, happy … having the meltdown of her life!! We’ve never seen anything like it. Anywhere. I don’t think I will ever forget that day in my life. It took us 1.5 hours to calm her down. Seemed like an eternity. To this day we don’t know what happened. She finally slept on the next 6 hour flight to Bangalore but she continued to scream in her sleep in the flight. I don’t know what was going on in that little head of hers. I was scared as hell. I still am. I don’t plan to get her to step foot on a flight again anytime soon. I don’t think I can take it. I don’t know what happened back there … but I have a weak guess of sorts .. possibly the same as what we discovered the first 2 days we lived in Bangalore.

This surely, was the flight to hell! Did I mention I don’t believe in myths, traditions, random superstitions in a post somewhere … I do Now. Let me add up the numbers 879 or 6710 .. let me see what’s behind the letters in Cathay Pacific … or maybe … just maybe … “it was not a good day”!!! Dad’s going to say – TOLD YOU SO.

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