The grand logistics of the move

photo (35)

We were real lucky to have our parents come up 4 months before the move to help us start packing. And we were real unlucky that their trip was cut short to 1 month. There we were again, by ourselves, figuring out how to make the move, start a new business, find a school for the little one in the new place and handle the logistics of the move. One look at that list and we decided we were going to take on as little as possible with the packing / moving pieces and throw money at the problem to help us a bit. After talking to several packers and movers, we finally settled on 1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Every time we called ahead with questions – they would say ‘leave it to us, we have it covered, don’t worry’.

‘UNIRELO’ is the name of the company. They are based in the bay area. One guy showed up to assess the house a month before the move and told us it would all fit into 1 container. We fixed a date for the move and 3 guys showed up @ 8.30 am. By 5 pm – they had packed each and everything in the house, except the areas I had marked as DO NOT TOUCH with a blue tape (see pic above)! By 7.30 – the boxes and furniture were fully loaded into the container.

  • 11 hours of packing and loading.
  • 45 days shipping door to door – Bay area, CA to Bangalore, India.
  • Customs, unpacking and assembling of furniture in Bangalore.
  • Total – $6000. Worth every penny!
  • Four stars for them, will give them the 5th one if the unloading, customs and furniture assembly in Bangalore goes as well.

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