The empty house: new games with the toddler & lots of boxes to hide in

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It’s go time! That’s what remains of my California house. Funny enough I feel at home! Living zen like – a friend at work said. Yep! In fact my daughter, husband and I have spent hours inventing random new games. Laundry basketball (she’s absolutely awesome now at aiming and throwing the ball into the basket now), play doh decorations on empty boxes, hide and seek in an empty house .. fun times. Shipping the house was the easiest part of our move I think. With a 100 things going on at the same time we didn’t want to kill ourselves packing and moving everything – so we got a company to do it. I’ll post the info on another post for those of you that want to mark that down!

Selling the car however, was anything but nice. 😦 It wasn’t so much about the car itself but what it signified. That’s when the move became real for me, when that car was driven away by someone else. The whole move thing was so abstract until that point. These last days are the hardest. Instead of trying to cramp all the things I want to do before I leave here, I’ve decided to go out to lunch with as many friends as I can and save dinners with one or two of my best friends every night. Taking small walks around my neighborhood with my little one again.

2 responses to “The empty house: new games with the toddler & lots of boxes to hide in

  1. Man! I remember the day when someone else drove away my car….it seems like it is that moment when the reality of the big change in your life really hits you…..

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